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Thought Leadership

Without The Heavy Lifting

Become the industry Thought Leaders you deserve to be, by taking your podcast to another level and leveraging the personal brand you build off the back of it.

We first break down your vision, then assess your strategy, then identify what is working and what isn't, then we help you to adjust it, and execute on the growth plan.

Demand Gen

Firstly we generate demand through your podcast and the social media clips we create of the most insightful and valuable moments.

Thought Leadership

We leverage the podcast, clips and the content we create to develop your thought leadership in your area of expertise.

Lead Nurture

The combination of both nurtures the leads that we generate and guides them through the sales funnel. MQLs to SQLs, and SQLs to Closed Won Deals.


Episodes & Clips

5,500,000+ ​

Social Media Views

100,000+ ​​

Podcast Plays

The Process


The Vision

At Reidentify, we assist in clarifying your podcast vision, whether you're starting or refining your strategy. We specialise in ongoing thought leadership and podcasting strategy, aligning your podcast goals with broader business objectives.


Hands off Podcast Production

Well hands off for you... We take everything off of your hands production wise after you press stop on the recording, we handle the audio and video editing of the podcast, we handle the social content creation as well producing ready to share social content from each episode.



We craft comprehensive show notes for each episode and distribute your podcast across major platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more, maximizing visibility and engagement for your target audience, completely hands free.


The Thought - Mindset and Strategy

We help you cultivate a thought leadership mindset and strategic approach to podcasting. Through tailored guidance, we empower you to develop narratives that resonate with your audience, establishing you as a trusted voice within your niche.


The Leadership - Becoming the #1 Voice In Your Industry

With Reidentify, we leverage your podcast and social media presence to cultivate thought leadership, generate demand, and drive revenue. Through strategic positioning, we position you as the go-to authority in your field, ensuring your voice rises above the competition.

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

"70% of our leads now come from the podcast..."

"Pingboard (now Workleap) can now attribute, our largest revenue generating asset is the podcast, it's changed our revenue model for this year... After partnering with Reidentify, we could never have conceived of the immense amount of success that we've achieved through partnering with them"

Christie Hoffman, Workleap

"I would highly recommend Reidentify as a team to work with..."

"They would do whatever magical things that go on behind the scenes and they would hit the buttons and then it would appear on all our platforms…"

Angelyn C. Frazer-Giles, H&S

“If you're thinking about moving forward with them, my answer to you would be... do it.”

“Yes my views have increased, yes my engagement has improved, but ultimately people are buying more of my products… I would definitely recommend the team, they’re incredible at what they do…”

Byron Cole, Self Made

"All I had to do was deliver the video file... they took care of the rest..."

"A fantastic, professional, expert service, where you can hand it over and it all gets done... (they) also work as, not only a podcast manager, but as an advisor on how to get the most out of this (the podcast)... He really did everything, one stop shop, all I had to do was deliver the video file"

Sol Videla, SalesPlaybook

"The Reidentify Effect"

Without Reidentify

  • You don't have to time to handBullet listle all the intricacies of running and growing a podcast

  • You want to become an industry authority but you don't know how

  • You feel like you've hit a growth cap on your podcast

  • You and your team are stretched thin because there is way too much on your plate!

With Reidentify

  • ​You & your team can now work ON the podcast rather than getting stuck IN the podcast

  • Demand for your product is growing

  • Your leads are being generated and nurtured on autopilot

  • Prospects now see you as a Thought Leader

  • The whole podcasting process is automated

Still have questions? No Worries...

Frequently Asked Questions

 How will you "Automate" my podcast?

We simply take the biggest time-consuming activities from the podcast process and handle it in-house. No freelancers. We edit your podcast footage, select and cut it up into short form clips, upload the podcast to all platforms, write the show notes, SEO optimise the description, etc.

 What do we/do I have to do?

All you have to do in this process is simply record the episode and and send the episode to us through one of our podcast intake forms hosted on our platform.

Does Reidentify offer podcast technical training?

Yes, we will coach you on our 1-1 Growth calls how to improve your technical podcasting capabilities, e.g. confidence on camera, conversation and communication coaching,

FAQ image

 Does Reidentify help with strategy creation?

Yes we do, we create a bespoke go-to-market thought leadership strategy for each client, that includes more than just podcasting and personal branding.

 What is the turn around time of each episode?

The turn around time for each episode is 3-4 days.

Do we lose control when the Reidentify team take over?

No you don't! You are still in control of the outcome, but you have us as your Thought Leadership and podcast partner to give you you time back and subsequently more leverage.

 Can we access our episodes after they are released?

Yes, every clip and episode will be saved to backup cloud storage that we host, so you won't have to worry about storage.


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